Sunday, March 9, 2014

Religious Myths

1. There is no evidence that Jesus exists

2. The fact that you feel you have to speak for this hypothetical Jesus, that you’ve never met, means you are simply expressing views you interpreted from a collection of primitive stories that no one knows who wrote or altered. But we do know they were created in a very different time and place, and with an agenda that is irrelevant to us today. We can demonstrate this further, by pointing out to you, hundreds of instructions and views, in that same collection of primitive stories, that you simply refuse to follow yourself

3. This, then, being your own opinion…it is obviously misguided and irrational, as you don’t even know the first thing about me

4. And I view your opinion as irrelevant, as the only thing I know about you, is that you feel you need to speak for an unproven entity, and rely on interpretations of primitive stories, to try and hurt people you know nothing about

5. You want to be respected for your demonstration of hatred and bigotry, but I see your actions  as immoral, hypocritical, irrelevant and insane.

6. If you actually wanted me to seriously consider your alternative point of view, whatever that is, you’ve just destroyed your credibility, and the credibility of the group you purport to represent.

7. So your expression of free/hate speech was ill-considered and ineffective. We are concerned for you though, and encourage you to seek the professional psychiatric help you so obviously need, and hope that you get well soon.

1. Lol, yes there is. At least three independent, non-bibical sources that are reliable evidence of Jesus’ existence. There are the writings of the disciples, which need to be explained away by a better explanation than ‘they were biased.’ (Biased does not mean pathological liars. Nero was biased too, but we still have every reason to believe that he did, in fact, kill Christians like he said he did.) There are the writings of non-disciples talking about Jesus’ family, and all the people present at the time who were available to witness that Jesus did, in fact, have a family. Pretty weird for a an imaginary guy. There is the fact that these things can be dated to within a hundred years of Jesus’ death. There is the fact that Christianity exists. There is the fact that most historians agree with me.  Come up with a better argument.

2. We know who wrote most of the stories. They told us they wrote them. Other people confirmed that they did. Why are other ancient documents more or less valid than Christianity? You can’t just take it for granted that they’re of equal merit without offering the justification for it.

3. Jesus liked most everyone. That was kind of his deal. The only ones he really took issue with were hypocrites who used faith to manipulate or harass others- hey, look, something we agree on! Yay!

4. Fair enough.

5. I don’t know about insane, that’s quite a judgment call based on one picture. But moving on…

6. I would be more inclined to like/support you and other new atheists if your own grasp of history and religious arguments was better. It destroys your credibility, much the same way as she does.

7. I do hope you consider my own suggestions in light of your own advice. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend counseling, theology or religious history classes might be a good start.


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