Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Freedom for all

Freedom for all: A specific believer can quietly believe their religious myths, in total freedom, without forcing them on others.
Conversely, all non-believers of a specific religion, cannot enjoy freedom from that religion, when those believers force their religious beliefs, through legislation, onto everyone.
War on religion isn’t those things, its things like them trying to get rid of the 9/11 memorial cross, making it illegal to pray at school etc etc
I’m not even Christian and I believe there is stuff being done against them.
By the time we’ve plastered all the religious symbols that everyone in America considers individually meaningful, the place would look worse than a decorated Pakistani truck! The same with public schools, by the time they have gone through all the prayers for every single religion on the planet, there would be no time for book learnin’! The opposition is to using taxpayer funds on public land to give preferential treatment to one religious group, when the constitution demands separation of church and state - see Supreme Court rulings.


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