Tuesday, May 13, 2014

‘Persecuted’ Christians Demanding ‘Offensive’ Books Banned Across America

 I can’t imagine why, in a million years, this should surprise me. After all. the poor, persecuted religious right is all about enforcing their morality and anything they deem “unworthy” is clearly anti-Christian:
Mountain View High school had originally included “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” by Sherman Alexie as part of their required reading list, but some parents protested and successfully got it removed (it’s currently being reviewed by the school board.) The parents claimed it was too sexual for their 10th graders and that the book had an anti-Christian message.
For reference, here is the line that parents found scandalous:
‘If God hadn’t wanted us to masturbate, then God wouldn’t have given us thumbs.’
The horror! But it almost got worse after an intrepid student decided to hand out copies of thepornographic obscene perfectly ordinary book in a nearby park. Some obnoxious concerned parents, presumably the same uptight assholes people that had the book banned in the first place, called the police. Unfortunately for the Inquisition offended Christians, passing out books is not illegal in this country. Something I’m sure they would like to remedy as soon as possible.
But the real take away from this story is the increase in book banning across the country:
In November, the Kids’ Right to Read Project investigated three times the average number of incidents, adding to an overall rise in cases for the entire year, according to KRRP coordinator Acacia O’Connor. To date, KRRP has confronted 49 incidents in 29 states this year, a 53% increase in activity from 2012. During the second half of 2013, the project battled 31 new incidents, compared to only 14 in the same period last year.
“It has been a sprint since the beginning of the school year,” O’Connor said. “We would settle one issue and wake up the next morning to find out another book was on the chopping block.”
This is all part and parcel of the religious right’s phony persecution complex. Haven’t you heard? Not allowing Christians to do whatever they want is total oppression! O’Connor suspects that the increased activity is a concerted effort. We’ll know this is true when we start seeing the campaign ads decrying “liberal efforts” to force smut onto our vulnerable teens who would never EVER see obscene material anywhere if it wasn’t for the horrors of public school.


  1. This is insane. How is book banning even on the table? FREEDOM OF FUCKING SPEECH PEOPLE. Its in the same amendment that you love to quote when you claim Christians are persecuted. Don't like freedom? Get the fuck out.

  2. When will we as a nation rise up and rid ourselves of these know-nothings…this American Taliban?

  3. In the Christians' defense, people have technically banned the Bible from schools. So you really can't get holier than thou on the book banning freedom of speech stuff. But their ignorance astounds me. I can't imagine any book being more sexual than The Bible, like the incest, the begetting, the seduction to cut off a guy's head... I mean if you read the Bible to your children, you really shouldn't be freaking out about a comment regarding masturbation (which the sin isn't about masturbating, but wasting sperm). You should be freaking out trying to explain Lot getting drunk and sleeping with 2 of his daughters.

    1. And Masturbation is in the Bible too, even worse, during sex. Onan.